It's a quick post today. I've been getting into the habit of leaving my writing to the last minute of the day, leading to later nights.

When I say later nights, I mean after 9:30pm.

I've realised over the years the importance of my eight hours of sleep, and because of my schedule and Bree's strict gym routine, I've been up at 5:15am each morning.

It's long as I get my eight hours.

Routine provides freedom. It take options off the table. Makes life clear. The reward of this is a level of efficiency to focus on other things.

Today, we decided to film The Daily Talk Show for the first time. Three cameras and a light.

It felt like the appropriate time to add additional friction to what has now become an easy task — recording the podcast.

The shock for both Tommy and I came in how different the show felt. Simply by adding some cameras, we felt physically different.

My awareness shifted:

"I can actually feel my nose on my face...and what should I do with my hands?"

It highlighted the power of changing things up.

When you're consistent, you can get very good at what you do — so well worn-in to your routine that you can begin to lose traction.

Changing things up — shifting slightly — can make a task feel new. It can stretch you in new ways and breathe new life into a project.

Changing things up seems like the antithesis of consistency, but it's the combination of the two where the real depth lies.