What are your dreams?

Your dream job. Your dream house. Your dream life.

Do you think you'll reach them?

Honestly, one day will you get there?


What steps are you taking today that makes you a little bit closer than what you were yesterday?

When we dream big, we can overlook the steps required.

We can fixate on the the peak of the mountain and forget to carry enough water for the journey.

The destination, the dream, is normally clear. The path to get there is not. So we avoid carving out the path.

We stay in the comfort of the dream, the safety of the vision, and that, I believe, is a mistake.

Before you become a Hollywood director, you probably want to make a short film and if you want to write a successful book, you might want to consider writing a bad one.

Don't hide behind your dream. Use your dreams to fuel change. To fuel the small, quiet and deliberate steps required each day to reach your dreams.

I'm still on my journey. I hope you're enjoying yours.

One step forward.