With the very best intension, we make a grand gesture. When we're sick of coming up with excuses, feeling misaligned with who we are and who we want to be, the only option sometimes is to do something grand.

To move cities, to throw out the old for the new.

We hope that the whiplash will evoke the change we're seeking.

In many cases, it just leaves our head spinning; Disorientated, winded and disappointed.

To dismiss the grand gesture feels like dismissal of hope. A pessimistic view that no amount of enthusiasm will create the change you want.

What if we combine the grand gesture with a small step? A small step in stark contrast to the mountain ahead.

The grandest gesture of a step at a time.
The grandest gesture of a blog post at a time.
A podcast episode at a time.
A meal at a time.
A friendship at a time.
The grandest gesture of the unglamorous, uncelebrated, quiet small step.