Updated: Sunday January 6 2019 (Melbourne, Australia)

/Now page was inspired by Derek Sivers, who I was lucky to meet and film in New Zealand in Early 2018 for The Minimalists

I retired from social media in November 2018, feeling discontent with platforms like Instagram. I've removed obligations to post, check inboxes (outside of email), and stay up to date with newsfeeds.

I'm using my new free time — over two hours a day — to write and read more. I've reduced the amount of writing that I regularly share publicly. I'll post at joshjanssen.com once a week, but will use my writing to build bigger projects to be shared in the future.

My production company, BIG MEDIA COMPANY, has been working with clients on video and podcast content. My business partner Tommy and I are enjoying working together and tackling client projects as a team.

We're currently strategising for our original content productions — projects that we self-fund and distribute. We will be creating short-form documentaries in 2019, both as a team and independently.

The Daily Talk Show, our podcast, has grown in download numbers. In December, I flew to Sydney to record four episodes of the show with our friend, Matt D'Avella. We will celebrate our one year anniversary of the podcast on January 16.

Currently reading:

'Do I Make Myself Clear?' by Harold Evans.