Updated: Wednesday March 6 2019 (Melbourne, Australia)

/Now page was inspired by Derek Sivers, who I was lucky to meet and film in New Zealand in Early 2018 for The Minimalists

I retired from social media in November 2018, feeling discontent with platforms like Instagram. I've removed obligations to post, check inboxes (outside of email), and stay up to date with newsfeeds.

Whilst I am not posting on personal accounts, I am working closely on the social media strategy of my podcast, The Daily Talk Show. I'm spending more time on Instagram at the moment, but am working towards a solution where our producer, Mason, will have full autonomy over posting and managing our social accounts.

I'm currently reorienting myself with my goals after moving in to a new apartment in March. No long commute! Regular routine around eating, sleeping, reading and writing is a priority.

I've introduced LinkedIn back into my toolkit. I initially moved away from LinkedIn as part of my social media retirement, but see the benefit of staying connected to my professional network.

The catalyst of returning to LinkedIn? I wanted to share the short documentary I made with my mate Jason Fox last month.

Watch it here:

Currently reading:

'Digital Minimalism' by Cal Newport.