/Now page was inspired by Derek Sivers, who I was lucky enough to meet and film in New Zealand in Early 2018 for The Minimalists

I've just partnered up with my best mate and podcast co-host, Tommy Jackett, to create a new content production company, BIG MEDIA COMPANY.

After spending over 100 days travelling around Europe and the US with my girlfriend Bree, we're now settling back in to the Melbourne lifestyle. We arrived home in mid October.

Our final weeks of travel were spent in New York City and Los Angeles, where Tommy met us to record our podcast, The Daily Talk Show. We were extremely lucky with the guests we had on the show, including my long time hero and favourite author, Seth Godin.

Day to day

Now in Melbourne, my days are spent in Collingwood working out of the BIG MEDIA COMPANY office, meeting with clients, developing concepts, being out on production and recording the podcast.

Whilst Bree and I find our next place to live in, we're spending our time house sitting for friends and staying with my parents in the outer suburbs.

When in the suburbs, it means early mornings to beat the traffic, which I'm enjoying as a forced habit.

Currently focussed on:

  • Building a great business based on a strong partnership
  • Developing The Daily Talk Show podcast
  • Helping independent creators build their own audiences
  • Removing myself from the minutiae of social media
  • Posting daily to my blog
  • Reading and finishing books

Updated: Sunday November 25 2018 (Melbourne, Australia)