I enjoy December. Here in Australia, it's Summer.

The holidays create enough of a disruption that it's hard to maintain a normal routine.

The perfect time to reflect on your current routines and habits.

I also enjoy asking friends and family what their New Year's resolutions are.

For many, they treat New Year's resolutions like Valentine's Day; as if it's a manufactured scheme to get us to buy gym memberships and fancy water bottles.

It's a convenient excuse to not make change, to not put a stake in the ground for the positive difference you would like to make in your life for the following year.

I love New Year's resolutions. I love them so much that I start them in September.

I slowly implement each resolution. Casually tinkering habits and rituals to see what works.

The idea being that when January 1 rolls on in, I've primed myself, with a healthy amount of false starts and failures to actually succeed.

This year my resolution was to create 'creative momentum'. To make regularly. When I started, this looked like a YouTube channel.

I began 2018 by producing a bunch of video content.

It was only two weeks in that I saw the opportunity to look at podcasting as a viable option to better create regularly — to build creative momentum.

Podcasting was something that I felt I could do every day, without impacting my other commitments.

And so, I started. And it's worked.

Every single weekday. Not a day missed.

When I first set out to create the New Year's resolution, I thought it would look like regular videos.

The resolution, instead, opened my eyes to other ideas. The residue of the resolution seeped in to the other work I did.

It developed into something greater.

It's not always about the direct resolution, rather, it's the softer, less measurable impact of putting a stake in the ground.