Over the weekend, I was reading a book called The Boron Letters. It was recommended to me by an author who had taken a lot of interest in the methods outlined by Gary Halbert in his letter to his son.

One area that stuck with me was Gary's approach to rewriting the best sales letters out there to become a better writer.

I thought about how the tactic would apply to my goals.

The next book on my shelf to read was Seth Godin's This Is Marketing.

I'd already listened to the audiobook version and immediately thought that this could be the perfect experiment and exercise in focus.

The goal was set: Rewrite Seth's entire 'This Is Marketing' book in my own handwriting.

So, I headed to the local shops to find an exercise book and began writing that day. A chapter in and I was having fun in the novelty of handwriting, especially long form.

With my new excitement for the task, I told Tommy on our podcast, The Daily Talk Show.

And some how, amongst all of the excitement, I'd mentioned I'd sell the finished work.

A day later, and one of our listeners offered $100 if we gave it to charity.

Today, our mate Scooter Derek offered $150 and said if he's outbid, and it goes for over a grand to the charity, he'll do the audiobook — all read from my handwriting, of course.

Okay — this is sounding fun.

Now, we've decided that I'll sell the finished copy, I'll have it bound in a nice cover, and we'll auction off the book with the winning bidder depositing the money directly to the charity.

So from here, I need to:

  • Get permission from Seth
  • Find out what charity he'd like the money donated to (If he even agrees)
  • and...get writing

Listen to The Daily Talk Show to find out how to bid.

We'll be announcing the final winner of the auction on our 250th episode of the podcast on December 31.