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Lunch at Elwood Patisserie & Bakery

Recently undergoing a renovation, Elwood’s iconic local bakery, Lunch at Elwood Patisserie & Bakery, has adopted a clean and inviting new aesthetic.

Behind the counter, the food looks great. Its suburban style menu means you’ll get all of your old favourites, including the smiley face.

It does get crowded easily, but it’s worth hanging around and ordering a salad sandwich or something from their hot bain-marie.

There’s bunch of seating around the front and along the side. Just be prepared for some friendly pigeons.


Dinner at Radio Mexico

Reader Breana writes: “I feel like you should be writing things on your blog. Not just posting photos.”

Thanks for your feedback! And I think you’re right. I decided not to in the beginning to keep the barrier low. I didn’t want to risk not posting just because I didn’t have words to go with my pictures. On that, a picture speaks a thousand words. So if I post a series of six photos, that’s six thousand words…minimum!

Tonight we decided to go to Radio Mexico. A Mexican joint in St Kilda. They do great fresh food and delicious drinks. Casual vibe. Perfect for a weeknight.

Thanks for reading!