In January this year, I unintentionally created a non negotiable. A task that, no matter what, would be completed 5 days a week.

At first, it didn't feel like a non-negotiable.

It started off as a small commitment: to upload a podcast every weekday with my mate Tommy. We called it The Daily Talk Show.

It didn't feel like a tall order. We'd spent a lot of the month working on YouTube videos together and audio seemed easier.

What I didn't grasp at the time was the commitment.

We hadn't thought too far ahead. We didn't think about the fact that in June I'd leave Australia for 100 days.

Recording one podcast every weekday when you're in the same suburb seemed easy, and that's all we'd considered.

The ease in which it was to get started meant that we were able to build momentum; creating so much velocity that by the time we would hit any real friction (where we'd potentially quit) we'd built enough resilience to find a solution.

We recorded close to 100 podcast episodes remotely in over 10 countries. A lot of hotels, SIM cards and discussions around timezones.

We made it work and we never missed a day.

When you're on day one, two or three of a daily practice, it feels trivial, however, now having created a podcast with over 200 episodes, I can see the immense value in the unintentional non-negotiable.